Tuesday, March 4, 2014

LARP Out of Character Videos are Up!

Cameron Betts interviewed a number of us, including myself, at NELCO (the New England Larp Conference) last year, which he's posting on LARP Out of Character, edited around the questions he asked -- "How do you define LARP?", "Is LARP a game or an art?", and "What makes a good character?" The first two are up:

How do you define LARP?

Is LARP a game or an art?

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Monday, March 3, 2014

¡Fiestaval! Brandeis Festival of the LARPs 2014

If you're still reeling from Intercon con crash (and aren't we all), and you're in the greater Boston area, never fear, you will not have to wait long for your next fix.

Via in_water_writ in the brandeislarp LJ community:

¡Fiestaval! Brandeis Festival of the LARPs 2014

Larpers! You are cordially invited to a Fiestaval!
¡Fiestaval! is the ninth Festival of the LARPs, an annual LARP convention held at Brandeis University.

Bids are open! Bid your game now HERE.

Registration for the convention is open! Register now at 2014.festivalofthelarps.com!

Registration is free and open to the general public. Limited crash space is available upon request.

This year, Festival sign-ups will be tiered.

On Tuesday, March 18th you can sign up for one game at 7pm.
On Wednesday, March 19th you can sign up for up to two games at 7pm.
On Thursday, March 20th you can sign up for all the games you like, though still only one per time slot!

Bids received before March 7th will (if accepted) be posted to the schedule at the time the schedule is initially posted.

Bids submitted after March 7th but before the 14th will be added to the posted schedule before signups.

Any bids received after March 14th (if accepted) may be posted to the schedule after signups are already open.

Please also join and share our Facebook group HERE to help spread the word!

- Your loving Con-Chair,

Festival is always a fun time. I'm excited to see what's going to run! I might actually have the time and energy to play something. :-)

Intercon Role Calls!

Intercon happened. Yay! Role calls are happening on the interconlarp LiveJournal community and the Intercon X Facebook group. (Role calls are where people post what games and characters they played.)

Go over and check them out!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Intercon N Sign-Ups Fully Open at 7p!

What the subject says. Intercon N sign-ups are going to fully open (you can sign up for as many games as you want) in forty-five minutes, at 7 PM EST! Games will go fast. Get your browser logged in, your decisions made, and your clicking fingers ready to go!

Shameless plugs:

If you are looking for games to play Saturday, A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy, Hive for short, is running on Saturday evening, and is a Star Wars LARP set in the Mos Eisley cantina, which ran well at SLAW. I will likely be NPCing.

Genre is an experimental collaborative, improv-heavy game described as "TV Tropes: The LARP", also running Saturday evening.

Castillian Kings: Intrigue and Inquisition is running Saturday night late, a three-hour no-weirdshit history game inspired by the videogame Crusader Kings II.

Also my co-conspirators and I are running Heithur on Saturday afternoon. I was really happy with how it ran at SLAW. (I know we said that SLAW was the last run -- oops? It was hard to say no to running our Norse Noir LARP at Intercon Noir.)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dreams of Ice and Ash running at Harvard next weekend!

From Tili Sokolov via e-mail:

If you're interested in LARPing and you're free 4pm-10pm on Saturday, November 23rd, you should sign up for the game I'm running then!

It's called The Dance and the Dawn: Dreams of Ice and Ash. It is a game of romance and tragedy, magic and cruelty. You will play a Lord of Ice or a Lady of Ash, one of those whose life is somehow ... incomplete, and you will spend the evening dancing with those of the other court, attempting to find your true love. Don't worry, you don't need to know how to dance, or how to break hearts; all you need in order to play is to FILL OUT THE CASTING SURVEY at this link! (That's the same as the "sign up" link. I put it in twice so you would see that it's important.)

First-time players very welcome!

They're definitely looking for more players.

"Dreams of Ice and Ash" is as the title implies the sequel to the well-known game "The Dance and the Dawn", although Tili says you do not need to have played The Dance and the Dawn in order to play this game. The Dance and the Dawn is a very elegant game -- I expect the same of the sequel.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Score Your Next Costume at the MIT Musical Theater Guild's Fall Costume Sale!

From Matt Peairs via e-mail:

Still looking for that last piece of your Halloween costume? [Or your LARP costume. -ed.] You should swing by the MTG Fall Costume Sale, where all your hopes, dreams, and fantasies can come true!

WHAT: MTG Fall Costume Sale (where we sell the results of our latest costume shop purge)
WHEN: Sunday, October 27th, from 12:30-5:30pm
WHERE: 3rd floor of the Student Center (mezzanine/balcony area) [84 Mass Ave, Cambridge]

Please bring cash!

Also, we're still looking for some volunteers to help us run the thing! You'll get to play dress-up, help people score some awesome costumes, and call dibs on the choice items. If you're interested, please reply [to erosser (at) mit (dot) edu] and let me know!

Hope to see you there, and Happy Halloween (it is the official holiday of Theater People).

Halloween is also the official holiday of LARPers, as Fair Escape here elaborates.